Print Collage (1992–1994)

Series of collage using torn-up etchings, from her monoprint adventures, created by Yolanda del Riego during the early 1990s.

Print Collage (1992-1994)

In the early 1990s Yolanda del Riego created a series of collage using torn-up etchings. These works are radically different from the earlier patchworks (collage of fabric) created a decade before. The torn-up etchings —used like puzzle pieces— add an impactful layer of complexity.   

"That Yolanda del Riego’s work is created using printmaking methods is, or should be, something merely informative. The same thing applies to the support used: Japanese paper, in many instances with a translucency that enables a work to be viewed from both sides. These are all techniques that she has dominated for years as her record reminds us… It may be the geometry, it may be the idea of 'collage' or even the surreal; the fact is that her internal spaces, delimited by the amplitude of the paper support, provide cohesive results with each other without contradiction. Her work achieves in this way its significance… "

—Joseph Garnería [Catalog text for the exhibition “Exploring the Limits of Paper”, Dean Gallery (Valencia), May 1996]