U.S. Cultural Center (1983)

Solo exhibition: Yolanda del Riego Recent Works
November 1983. United States Cultural Center(Madrid, Spain)

Installation photo of the exhibition

Installation photo of the exhibition

EXHIBITION: Yolanda del Riego. Recent Works

November 8–29, 1983
United States Cultural Center (Madrid, Spain)
[Original exhibition title in Spanish: Yolanda del Riego. Obra reciente]

Catalog essay written by the award-winning poet José Hierro.

A selection of 22 works by Yolanda del Riego that included textiles, oil paintings and drawings.

In his text, Hierro comments on the striking contrasts between Yolanda del Riego's character, "What a torrent of life!", and the way she approaches her work:

"the anarchic explosion of colors and shapes that must exist in her preconscious shortly before starting to create is restrained by expressive methods that require patience, reflection, and slow realization....[it] requires calmness, craftsmanship, the ability to overcome the whims of chance."

In describing her work, Hierro writes:

"She puts geometry in the lively chaos of her landscapes....She does her own thing, searching, without yet knowing the destination, which prevents her from falling into the worst of imitations: self-imitation. She follows her own free will: and that is what gives her art the necessary accent of truth."

Hierro closes his text by proclaiming Yolanda del Riego “Dame of the Bright Figure” and recognizing “her wisdom in the art of visually expressing herself”.