National Library of Spain (1986)

Exhibition: Yolanda del Riego. Graphic Works (1976–1986)

June 5July 20, 1986
National Library of Spain (Madrid, Spain)
[Original exhibition title in Spanish: Yolanda del Riego. Obra Gráfica (1976-1986)]

Curated by Elena Santiago Páez 
Catalog essay written by Cesáreo Rodríquez-Aguilera 

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Yolanda del Riego shares —and still shares— her life and culture between Spain and North America...Her work is extremely varied, in both technique and approach to representation and symbolism. But her work has a temporal and spatial "reasoning" that come from her culture, her world (or worlds) and her time. And within these, the fundamental or predominant "reason" links directly to these "contrasts of form" to which I referred. They are the dam in which the "controlled explosions" of Yolanda del Riego build up, in whose enthusiasm lies the key to her varied and extensive work.

There is in this work a geometric discipline and expressive richness that begins with the meticulous craftsmanship with which she prepares and selects her basic materials, the paper, where the work will be envisioned and materialized. There is also a keen sense for the distribution of shapes and colors. And lastly, an abundance of "added elements", like "collage", that enrich and humanize this work, in which, in one way or another, one perceives the passion of Yolanda del Riego, which someone has dared rightly to qualify, with the Hernandian verse as "the incessant beam of light."

Cesáreo Rodríquez-Aguilera
Excerpt from the Catalog essay The Visual Art of Yolanda del Riego