Unsustainable Escalation (2016)

Solo exhibition.
April 2016. Siluro Concept (Madrid, Spain)

Escalada insostenible, 2016.

EXHIBITION: Unsustainable Escalation

May 18–June 2, 2016
Siluro Concept (Madrid, Spain)
[Original exhibition title in Spanish: Escalada insostenible]

Works about environmental degradation.

Escalada insostenible (Unsustanible Escalation) is a collection of 24 digital prints through which Yolanda del Riego voices her concerns about current environmental problems, namely the effects of climate change and the deterioration of the oceans. The title refers to the unsustainable rise in global temperatures, one of the many consequences of climate change to which she calls attention.

The exhibition also includes works from The Sea As I See It (CCA Andratx in Mallorca, 2015), that touch upon the deterioration of the oceans —climate change being just one source of this deterioration.

Video animation of the series "Low Tide With Moon"