The Sea As I See It (2015)

Solo exhibition
August 2015. CCA Andratx (Mallorca, Spain)


August 21–October 11, 2015
CCA ESPAI (Andratx, Mallorca, Spain)

"The Sea As I See It" is an exhibition of 28 recent works that express my concern over the damage being done to the sea. Given the massive pollution of the seas and the adverse effects of climate change on the oceans, I can only wonder if this damage is reversible. "The Sea As I See It" is a personal protest against this situation.

—Yolanda del Riego

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The Sea as I See It is an emotional exploration of the sea, which at times expresses the artist’s sorrow for the irreparable damage being done to the oceans. The sea has been a recurrent theme in Yolanda del Riego’s work, from the icy cold waters of Cook Inlet surrounding Anchorage, where she lived during the 1970s, to the North Atlantic beaches of A Illa de Arousa in Galicia, where she set up her studio at the end of the 1990s. To this day, the sea continues to be an infinite source of inspiration for Yolanda del Riego.

Abstract landscapes are a constant throughout Yolanda del Riego’s work and in this exhibition we will find abstract renderings of the effects of light and color on the tides alongside more texturally elaborate and geometrical interpretations. Yolanda del Riego likes to explore the effects of texture and color on her subjects through the development of numerous variations, as evident in the number of series that form part of this exhibition.

The exhibition includes 28 digital artworks printed on cotton rag archival paper, Dibond®, acrylic glass, and C-Prints. Yolanda del Riego adapts each work to interact with its selected support to achieve specific textures, reliefs, or transparencies.