“Danse Macabre”  (1980), from the series   22 Oils in 22 Days      Named after the Saint-Saëns’ symphonic poem.

22 Oils in 22 Days (1980)

22 Oils in 22 Days

Yolanda del Riego first studied painting in the late 1960s while living in New England. During her first years in Alaska (1973-1975), she continued her studies with the Russian artist Wassily Sommer.

In February 1980, she created a series of 22 oil paintings in 22 days, all inspired by musical compositions. 

The paintings were first exhibited in March 1980 at the Collector's Gallery (Anchorage, Alaska) and then in March 1983 at the Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana (ICI) in Madrid.

Oil on canvas, 120 x 120 cm (approx. 47" x 47")

“an obsessive cycle of painting and introspection…painting the internal struggle of my being."

—Yolanda del Riego, exhibition catalog for 22 Oils in 22 Days

"A discourse of total impetuousness, without doubt, our leading expressionist painter. A direct creation, tremendously beautiful, live and spontaneous."

—José Castro Arines, extract from the introductory essay of the ICI exhibition catalog.