YR Through Printmaking (2015)

Solo exhibition
March 2015. Casa del Reloj (Madrid, Spain)

SOLO EXHIBITION: YR Through Printmaking. The creative trajectory of Yolanda del Riego 1976-2015

Sala LA LONJA, Casa del Reloj (Madrid, Spain), March 4-30, 2015
Curated by Carmen Rodríguez Perales.

This retrospective exhibition traces the creative trajectory of the Spanish/American artist Yolanda del Riego (1943) over the past 40 years. The exhibition includes over 80 works created between 1976 and 2015 that illustrate the development of a unique visual language deeply rooted in printmaking. The consistency of this visual language can be seen across diverse printmaking techniques as well as different mediums (collages, patchworks, oil paintings, drawings and digital artworks).

Installation photo (Photo by  Jesús Pozo )

Installation photo (Photo by Jesús Pozo)

The exhibition follows the artist’s creative periods, which to a great extent follow significant changes in her life. 

I. Early Works: Artist/Printmaker in Alaska (1976–1980)

Yolanda del Riego (YR) lived in Anchorage from 1973 to 1980, where she studied printmaking at the Visual Arts Center of Alaska with the many visiting international artists. (Read more: Biographical Notes: Artist/Printmaker in Alaska.)

The following sections were also included in the exhibition:

i. Translucencies